Selling Success. Schedule Outbound Sales Calls Every Day

Published: 27th May 2008
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By Mark Mikelat,

By being focused and organized on a daily basic, we can more efficiently accomplish our goals, and this includes selling. At times we need to make outbound sales calls to build our business. By having a daily scheduled sales plan you can more efficiently use your limited time towards more successful sales.

I start out my day with the same daily routine. I plan. I admit that I do have long task lists at times, and it can seem overwhelming, but by investing a bit of time everyday to organize your time, you can be more successful in your sales calls. Personally, I invest 10 minutes at the start of the day. I use Microsoft Outlook's task list and calendar. There are a lot of more sophisticated tools, including contact management software. As long as your have a system that works for you, that is fine.

When, I call clients, I schedule the calls. I always call from a referrals list when possible. Some people are great at cold calling, but I have found that strategy significantly less effective. People do business with people, and if an existing client has referred them to you, you already have an implied testimonial.

I generally call the clients in a batch and I follow a standard strategy every time. I make sure to be clear, concise, and professional with every voice mail message that I leave. Then, most importantly, I schedule a follow-up call time for myself. If they don't call me, I will back them back. I am persistent, but no obnoxious in my calls. Because I am respectful, professional and sincere in my calls, the contacts are more likely to call me back.

The key is that you need to call persistently and consistently to get your desired results. You need to schedule your calls everyday.

Mark Mikelat is a small business success consultant focused on success through the creation of sincere, honest, and genuine personal connections. You can learn more about him at, and view his books on

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